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UK advertising faux pas

Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:09 pm

Here in the UK, audi have used the slogan "There's no compromise with audi e-tron" this is quite contrary to the truth. With a q7 one of the selling points is the 7 seats. Guess what it only has 5!!!
Tell me where there is 'no compromise' audi have not only cocked up this advertising but the q7. If only they had managed to design it as a hybrid properly rather than squeezing the batteries in in lieu of the additional seats would have been so much of a better deal. Let alone no compromise. Dissapointed loyal audi Owner!!!!
Oh by the way my local dealer said don't touch one as the 2nd hand UK market for the A3 e-tron is pants as nobody wants them and went on to show me how many there were on the market and said the expected the same for the q7e. Quite interesting and only a few audi outlets have the hard ware to support the hybrid. Audi what are you playing at?

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