2016 Audi Q7 e-tron Plug-in hybrid

Audi Q7 e-Tron technology

Audi has spent much time and energy making sure it’s first plug-in hybrid SUV is ready to take to market – and ready to compete with its German rivals.

The redesigned Audi Q7 weighs 716 pounds less than the outgoing model, and sets a new benchmark in its class. Audi was able to save so much weight by using hot formed high-strength steel and lots of aluminum. Even with the lower weight, the body is even stronger with 3 ‘torsional rings’ built into the front, middle, and rear of the vehicle chassis to increase rigidity. All of this makes for a stable chassis, and a smooth, controlled ride.

The Audi Q7’s weight savings also pay off with increased efficiency – the new model is around 26% more efficient than the last. Combined with the new plug-in hybrid tech, the Q7 e-Tron should see efficiency ratings somewhere around 135MPGe.

Audi has put extra thought into reducing the number of buttons and controls found in the interior, and most of the functions can be controlled through the center touchscreen panel.

Audi says the Q7 e-Tron’s adaptive cruise control is the “most sophisticated available on any car at any price.”

It shouldn’t be long until we see first-drive reports on this exciting plug-in hybrid!

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